Intuition Your Natural Essence

I notice in life there are typically two ways things go. One is rocky and the other fluid.

What makes the difference? 

Many things, but something that definitely helps define the path is: if I listen to myself or not. If I ignite my super power and choose to listen to that inner voice, that deep belly feeling, that crystal clear knowing or that truth-revealing vision.

All of us at some point have had an experience with both paths.

We have each listened to our inner knowing, our intuition, and acted on it. And, we have all dismissed it only to exclaim in hind site, “I knew it!”

Sometimes we fault ourselves when this happens. We start to invalidate ourselves letting lies sneak in telling us that we "can’t even listen to ourselves," we aren’t strong enough, or wise enough, or can’t trust ourselves. Again, these are lies.

You see, in reality, each time you did not listen it was a gift, one step closer to you trusting yourself. You were learning what it feels like to not trust and in return, you learn what it feels like to believe. Every time was you getting to know yourself better. Building self-awareness and discovering your intuition.

It's kinda like learning a new language! When you begin, you probably know maybe a word or two. Not even the meaning, just that it sounds “French.” But as you practice and listen and try, you start to learn what the sounds mean. They form words, and you start to understand what message those sounds are offering. Maybe when you try to speak the language, make that sound, say a word, you are shy, uncertain and not trusting. In a way, intuition is the same. A “different” language, one between your spirit and body. This year, I invite you to learn the language that is inside you.


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