Soul Happy

A Suite of Classes to Discover Your Intuitive Self


Intuition Your Natural Essence

I notice in life there are typically two ways things go. One is rocky and the other fluid. What makes the diffe...


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Perfectly Imperfect

Do you ever feel a pressure that says you have to show up a certain way to show up at all, paint your painting just s...

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Create A Life Where Your Physical Reality Mirrors Your Heart's Desire & Soul's Truth By Discovering Your Intuitive Self

Know Your Self

Develop a deep relationship with self cultivating more awareness and empowerment. Learn to trust yourself more than you trust others. Let your voice be the loudest and most influential in your life.

Get Clear

Gain clarity on what you want to create and learn to take action on it. Know the difference between other's wishes for you and your heart's true desires. Find what you are seeking.

Create Boundaries

Learn to hold space for others to grow through their challenges instead of jumping in the quick sand with them. Create boundaries and healthy relationships full of what is most important to you.

Get Centered

Learn to ground yourself, be present and in your body. Gather all of your attention and energy from the places it may be. Get unstuck from past experiences that hold you back. Create from the present for the future.

Own Who You Are

Learn to manage the energy in your space. Clear other people’s energy and problems from your mind, body and soul so that you are not negatively affected by what is around you. Own your light and unique vibration.

Create An Authentic Life Of Joy

Live your life in the drivers seat, aligning your heart’s desires with your physical reality. Experience the inner happiness, peace and joy you always hear about or maybe once had.