Perfectly Imperfect

Do you ever feel a pressure that says you have to show up a certain way to show up at all, paint your painting just so for it to matter, look amazing before being seen, know just what to say before you say it, having a great day before you pick up the phone, clean perfectly before you can take a rest, be perfect before you live your life?

In this class experience videos exploring being perfect and where it shows up in your life (sometimes we do not even realize where), how perfect hinders your freedom (you deserve to fly, it is your spiritual right) and how to give yourself permission to be you (Perfectly Imperfect). I will lead you through guided meditations to take a look at how this energy affects you, where you become in competition with yourself and how to clear perfect out of your space. And of coarse, dedicated journaling time with prompts to validate your growth, own your truth (unapologetically) and connect with your authentic self. Because there is only one you in this whole wide world AND only you can do what you do the way you do it…. And the world needs YOU!


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