The Intuitive Life Self Study

What if you had a deep knowing that empowerment, deeper trust in self and soulful goodness is what you are meant to experience every day?


What if you learned to listen to your inner voice, interpret your visions, receive the messages your body shares and honor who you are as a spirit? 

Choose to be with yourself and the magic the universe is constantly sharing.

You deserve to be living a life that is abundant, full of joy, magic with constant access to your deepest wisdom. This comes from fluidity. Let it flow.

Imagine eight weeks of connecting with your intuition, receiving soul focused perspectives, exercises, meditations, to ignite your intuition and bring you into soul-centered living.

This 8-week self-study experience will guide you into living your life leading with intuition. It marries your intellect with your intuition so that you are living life from your highest potential.

Experience 8 weeks of audios, videos, guided meditations, journaling prompts focusing on discovering your intuition and how to live intuitively - to life with less fear, with trust in yourself, connected to your light and your joy every day.

This work includes guided visualization meditation, journaling, accessing *your* intuition, a variety of energy management tools, defining space and boundaries, and ways to create your desires.


What you will experience:

  • Over 16 guided meditations of visualization learning profound yet simple energy management tools such as grounding, boundaries, creating a life guided by your intuition - your soul compass, manifesting, healthy relationships, knowing yourself, soul agreements and much more
  • Beautiful weekly journal prompt focusing on discovering your intuition and bringing what you are experiencing in the class to greater depths
  • Weekly practices and intentions to integrate your learning into everyday life
  • Be a part of the private Facebook group to connect with the community for further support and depth
  • Plus much more...


Are you ready to live intuitively - to life with less fear, with trust in yourself, connected to your light and your joy every day?


Every week explore a new topic: 

  • Week One

    The journey begins focusing on what intuition is, how it speaks to you then taking it the next step learning how to ground and be present
  • Week Two

    This week is focused on your personal space, learning energetic tools for creating boundaries, exploring your energy
  • Week Three

    Clearing Your Space is the topic for this week learning how to create a sanctuary behind your eyes and living with clarity 
  • Week Four

    Learn to run your energy, work with the cosmic and earth energy to create healing and change within 
  • Week Five

    The Power of Destruction - Learn energetic tools to let go and release that which does not serve you to invite in higher vibrations and create the life you desire
  • Week Six

    Creating Your Desires by releasing the energetic limits on your ability to give to yourself and manifest that which you desire - learn to create mock-ups birthed from your truth, your heart's desires
  • Week Seven

    Body Of Glass - How to stay neutral to energy around you and not become the effect of someone else's bad mood, low vibration or judgments. Hold the vibration you desire regardless of the energy in the room or emotions from others.
  • Week Eight

    The Intuitive Life - Take a look at the growth and change you have created in the last ten weeks and validate that change then looking at your life energetically start to create mockups for where you would like to live more intuitively 


This work includes guided visualization meditation, journaling, accessing *your* intuition, a variety of energy management tools, defining space and boundaries, and ways to manifest your desires.





  • Your answers, your joy, your wisdom, your happiness all live within you. It is an intimate exploration and excavation to find the magic.
  • You hold your answers; you ignite your enthusiasm and joy, you are your own magic maker.
  • It is simply bringing your awareness to these aspects of you and recognizing you have the ability to create your life the way you desire.
  •  It is simply practicing viewing these elements of you, in you, and all around you.
  • It is simply having a new perspective, a spiritual energetic perspective, on everyday experiences that awaken the magic.



Develop your intuition and live a joyful, grounded empowered life. Experience spiritual communication and perspectives, guided meditations, journaling through audios, videos and journal pages learning tools to ground, define boundaries, let go and create what you want in your life.


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