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A community of people using their intuition and internal wisdom to guide and transform their daily lives with Aimee Leigh's unique gifts and teachings.

A community of like-minded, soul-focused, heart-opened individuals growing, healing and learning together as we focus on living life from our truest, most alive, empowered selves.

Where we align body & spirit to create extraordinary lives by living intuitively.


Aimee Leigh's expertise in Intuition, Healing, and Energy combine to create the Intuitive Life Community: a membership site with access to Aimee's insights about living intuitively and in alignment with your truth. 

Some of the benefits of the Intuitive Life Community membership:

  • Start to live life at your fullest potential breaking down the invisible walls that limit how you see yourself and what you experience
  • Create more joy, aliveness, and peace in your life
  • Experience more flow and less rigidity
  • Learn to be in the moment and experience what is in front of you
  • Discover who you really are and what you truly desire 
  • Create more self-trust and courage to take action 
  • New theme every month exploring a different aspect of life from an intuitive, energetic, spiritual perspective
  • Monthly live virtual workshop energetically exploring the theme of the month through teachings, guided meditations, envisioning practices, and energy work with time for Q&A
  • Contemplative journal prompts to take the work deeper, rooting it into the fabric of your life 
  • Private community to connect, offer and receive support and celebrate
  • First to know about upcoming programs and offerings


Now just $35/monthly membership or $24/month annual membership, receive access to Aimee and her wisdom of living intuitively.



What people are saying:

"I’ve had the profound pleasure of getting to know Aimee as her coach, her friend, and then her client. Since I’ve known Aimee, I’ve been blown away by her gift, and touched time and again by the impact of her intuitive insight on those around her.

When I had the opportunity to be on the receiving end of her intuitive guidance, I knew it would be amazing. 

When our session began, she created a safe and open space for exploration, and the threads of truth started to come through clearly and undeniably. I’m the type of person that can’t force a decision - it has to feel fully aligned. I can’t tell you what a relief it was to have some critical decisions be made during our time together! 

Even now, two weeks later, some things that she mentioned are coming back to my awareness with an even deeper sense of understanding.  

If you have the opportunity to work with Aimee, go for it! Her intuitive guidance is a true gift to receive." ~Nisha Moodley



"Aimee is brilliant in her work. During our time together I have experienced profound clarity, every single time I am in a session with her and as a whole.  She looks at energy from a very neutral perspective and she delivers it in this way too.  So I am able to find clarity through her words within each session. This allows me to expand because I gain greater knowledge of myself.  And then I am able to use what was said and experienced to create growth and change in my life.  She grants me permission to be me and experience my life the way I experience it and within that, she is able to see what is true for me and not true. So she can shift my energy into greater and greater truth. She has helped me heal my money story, my resistance to buying a home, all of my relationships, my fears in business.  Pretty much everything in my life that holds me back." ~Shauna Lay


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The wait is over. Our community is here.

The Intuitive Life Community is a group of unique individuals who are curious about what is possible and are ready to live a life they love at their fullest potential. 

Hi, I am Aimee.

I am glad you are here. You are in the right place.

For over a decade, I have helped people connect with their intuition, trust themselves, find clarity, experience their truth and become empowered by developing their intuition and work with energy.

I offer validating insight which looks past illusions and ignites your own spiritual energetic discovery. I teach spiritual practices and energy tools to help you create a joyful, intuitive life you love.

I am ridiculously interested in your happiness and am passionate about supporting you on your journey.

My work is about inspiring you to see yourself as the capable, luminous being you are and to live life from empowerment which radiates out to the world creating harmonious impactful change.

I believe when we live intuitively - knowing how to navigate this life and communicate with our energy while living in the senses - we experience more clarity, empowerment, and alignment creating change in our families, communities and the world.

I am honored you are here and hold you and your journey sacred.

I will share with you that through the years, as I have dove deep into learning, growing, healing and expanding my intuition, one of the most important aspects that allow me to do so is the community and grounded space I have to connect with every month.

You are not alone in your inquiry or dedication to grow, learn and live a personally empowered, really good, authentic life... you are not alone in your inquiry or dedication to spirituality, energy, and intuition.

Be an integral member of this community filled with truthseekers on their journey walking side by side.

We all crave community.
To belong.

To walk alongside other like-minded, open-hearted individuals with unique perspectives and desires. To learn and continue to learn in a place where we feel we belong.

And the best place to do so is in a community that is focused on inward awareness allowing everyone to be exactly who they are and where they are, including you. This creates a neutral safe place without judgment, criticism or competition.

We have all been there.

That time when we have taken a huge step, committed to something bigger than ourselves, become more aware, chosen to make that leap, to create change, to shift our perspectives or habits.

And then after stepping away from the source of support we experienced (be it a retreat, a class, a sacred circle, a relationship, a program or simply even an hour-long soul-searching session), we find ourselves alone, discouraged and not quite as clear, motivated or dedicated to our journey and growth.

I created the Intuitive Life Community monthly membership for this purpose. To provide a monthly soul-inspired-focus to our lives where we can continue to learn, grow and develop our intuitive skills.  

Welcome home, take a deep breath, feel your feet on the floor and know you are in the right place.

I look forward to spending time with you each month.

Aimee Leigh


Now just $35/monthly membership or $24/month annual membership, receive access to Aimee and her wisdom of living intuitively.


Wondering How Intuition Can Help You?

Intuition is a part of you. It is a channel which we perceive from and when we do, we are aware of and experiencing a whole other world unseen to the naked eye.

A world in which there is so much information, love, support, wisdom all around. When connected and in flow with this world, it elevates fear, resistance, and struggle to figure it all out.

When you nourish and create a relationship with your intuition it changes everything.

Just like the relationship with your body. When you listen to the body and respond when it is hungry, tired, or needs movement, you have a beautiful relationship with it enhancing your overall well being. If you don’t listen to your body, you may become ill, or have no energy to get through the day or do the things you love. Your life can be challenging and unfulfilling.

Listening to your intuition and the information it is sharing gives you insight and access to internal wisdom, flow, and awareness that otherwise is not accessible.

We are meant to be living a life that is full of aliveness, to be in relationships that are full of love, to be experiencing our days in the moment bringing joy, creativity, and abundance.

So many of us are living half-lived lives, in half loved relationships, in rushed days that we are not even really experiencing leaving us anxious, stressed and in fear.

I teach you how to open the channel of your intuition. To amplify that part of you that is lying dormant or only partially tapped into.

I lead you on your journey to becoming more of who you are, removing one label at a time as you liberate your intuition and claim your key into the world of multi-dimensions. One which has so much depth and richness, wisdom, your answers, guidance, peace and is the authentic part of you.

The Intuitive Life Community Membership will support you in amplifying your intuition in every area of your life as you begin to understand that part of you, listen to it more deeply, and develop a beautiful relationship with your intuition and learn to be your own guide.

You will validate yourself and stop seeking external validation. As you trust yourself, your intuition becomes clearer every day guiding you and helping you to find your own answers.

All of this in a community of unique individuals doing the same on their life path. Feel supported and connected in this amazing community of beautiful souls all discovering more of who they are and how to live at their fullest potential.



What is the Intuitive Life Community Membership?

The Intuitive Life Community is a place where we will gather together, bringing into our lives our intuition and wisest selves to create a harmonious life filled with our deepest desires and precious moments. It is your place to go to learn, explore, share and find compassion and kindness with your people.

Some of the teachings you will receive each month:


  • Every month experience a new theme or area of life to dive into 
  • An exclusive live virtual workshop exploring the month's focus through intuition and learning to amplify it


  • Online portal to access the recorded class if not able to attend virtually.
  • You will also find deepening journal questions to bring this work into your bones and your intuition to the forefront. Supporting you as you create the sensations and experiences you desire in your everyday life.
  • You will be a part of our Private FaceBook community to connect, ask questions, share, support and celebrate.
  • Each month’s workshop is dedicated to a different topic such as Energetic Boundaries, Personal Empowerment, Abundance, Creating and Manifesting, Rituals & Practices, Sacred Spaces, Career, Relationships, etc. 
  • We will explore and learn about each topic from an energetic intuitive perspective, experiencing meditations and visualization to clear the energy and create change, find clarity, and next steps to bring this growth into everyday life.


  • Access to Aimee Leigh, who has been inspiring people with her intuitive readings, teachings, and knowledge of intuition for over 18 years. The Intuitive Life Community is a chance to experience her gifts first-hand. Aimee uses compassion and love to connect with people and show you the world through the lens of intuition with unique perspectives and life-changing wisdom.

This community was created to support your overall wellbeing. A grounded point that you can come home to and just be.

A place to go inward to expand, surrounded by others who are doing the same.

We would love for you to be a part of this community and a part of the change we are creating in ourselves which then ripple out to the world.

I would be honored to support you on your journey!

Now just $35/monthly membership or $24/month annual membership, receive access to Aimee and her wisdom of living intuitively.

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