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8 Week Course To Develop Your Intuition + Energy Skills To Live A Spiritually Inspired Life

Are you ready to live life at your fullest capability? 

To live your life for you and not controlled by the expectations and demands of others? 

Are you ready to connect with and develop your most capable wise self, your intuition + learn intuitive meditation + work with energy?

Join us for this 8 week course that will change your life in the most powerful ways. 

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Be the navigator of your own ship. Creator of your universe. You are meant to be connected to yourself and source ...because that is where the magic is.

This is your life and there is so much joy, peace, empowerment, and magic to experience. It just takes the ability to tap into source and connect with yourself, to experience it... To have a lifeline back to you! What if you could manage your energy, your stress, reactions, emotions and learn to be the neutral observer so you can create your day instead of your day controlling you?


You deserve to be living a life that is abundant, full of joy, magic with constant access to your deepest wisdom.

I remember when I felt lost. A bit disheartened in my daily life.

Feeling like I didn't know what my purpose was.

I felt like something was missing.

I know that feeling that there is more out there, more to experience in this life.

Feeling unfullfilled on the inside. Desiring a deeper connection sense of serentiy and peace.

I know that call that stirs aching for something different, a new way, but having no idea what that way is. 

The feeling of loosing yourself to others demands and expectations. To the business of everyday life, responsiblites, the kids, the partner, the career, and all the details to manage.

And that pull to not only meet all these expecations but to exceed them leaving you depleted, exhausted, anxious and not even recognizing yourself.

Feeling like you are living your life for everyone but you.

Not knowing what you even desire any more. Truly desire for yourself.

What if you learned to listen to your inner voice, interpret your visions, receive the messages your body shares and honor who you are as a being?

What if you connected with yourself as spirit and all of the support the universe constantly provides?

What if you learned tools to manage your energy, your stress, reactions, emotions and learn to be a neutral observer so you can create your day instead of it happening to you.

What if you learned to trust yourself, how to access your answers, and be your own guide?

If you join by August 1st, receive my BONUS course, Intuition Your Natural Essence.

Our classes are officially opening August 1, and if you sign up before the August 1st deadline, you will receive my bonus course, Intuition Your Natural Essence. 

We all have a super natural power. Our intuition. It is powerful, wise and with you every moment. Your intuition speaks to you in different ways. The more you learn to identify it, listen to it and act on it, the stronger it becomes. This super power guides you, protects you and brings more joy, clarity and empowerment to your life.


Imagine 8 weeks of developing your intuition and learning how to work with energy to elevate your awareness, vibration, and capabilities.

This is a skills based course where every week you will learn a new skill.

Each skill builds on the next so at the end of the 8 weeks, you will have learned life changing tools to manage and create your life with more clarity, certainty, joy, and personal empowerment.

Guided visualization meditation is one of the main tools used all within a community supporting each other as you elevate your intuition. 

Experience soul-centered living with your most capable self leading the way.

This group experience will guide you to live your life leading from your intuition, from spirit. It marries your intellect with your intuition so that you are living life at your highest potential.

This program is for you if you:

  • Desire to feel grounded, centered, and joyful every day

  • Desire to develop with your intuition and trust yourself

  • Feel other's emotions and problems as if they were your own and get lost in them

  • Learn to clear your energy and release and let go
  • Learn to protect your energy field with powerful yet simple tools 
  • Have difficulty creating and holding boundaries and desire to no longer compromise your essential self

  • Are ready to get clear on what your purpose is and what you truly desire in your life

  • Are ready to look deep into yourself turning your attention inward to create expansion and freedom

  • Are ready for life changing transformation inside out

  • Want to shift old patterns and habits

  • Desire to be senior in your space, holding your confidence and sense of self around others

  • Desire to see with clarity and make decisions from that place

  • Are ready to be in the present moment and learn to ground

  • Desire a community of spiritual individuals who see you as the luminous light you are

  • Perceive life from an energetic spiritual perspective 

  • Are ready to embrace the truth about self that comes forward to heal and shift

  • Are ready to let go of the lies and imprints that keep you small

  • Desire to access and use your spiritual wisdom and information to navigate and create your life

More of what you will experience in this mentorship:

  • Beautiful online classroom with audios, videos, journal notebooks, and content to teach and guide you on this journey
  • Guided visualization meditations, learning profound yet simple energy management tools such as grounding, boundaries, creating a life guided by your intuition - your soul compass, manifesting, healthy relationships, knowing yourself, soul agreements and much more

  • Videos speaking to the concepts and spiritual energetic perspectives of this work as it relates to our everyday life

  • Beautiful journals with journaling prompts focusing on discovering your intuition and bringing what you are experiencing in the course to greater depths

  • Weekly practices and intentions 

  • Be a part of the private ELEVATE Community Facebook group to connect with others

Here is what you will experience:

  • The focus and intention of this program is grounded in learning practices to connect to your wisdom and energetic capabilities to develop your intuition and know yourself as spirit

  • This work includes guided visualization meditations, journaling, accessing *your* intuition, a variety of energy management tools, defining space and boundaries, and much more

  • Exclusive almost weekly video calls to support you with Q+A and further teaching

  • Access to the online classroom of videos, audios, journal pages

  • Be a member in the private Elevate community to ask questions, create deeper connections and receive support and guidance from myself and others

Are you ready to live intuitively - to life with less fear, with trust in yourself, connected to your light and your joy everyday.

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When you know yourself as spirit and see the world from this persespective, you see beneath the surface able to access so much more information. You are your own magic maker and I will teach how to be your highest expression of self everyday.

Every week explore a new topic:

  • Topic One

    The journey begins focusing on what intuition is, how it speaks to you then taking it the next step learning how to ground and be present

  • Topic Two

    This week is focused on your personal space, learning energetic tools for creating boundaries, exploring your energy, creating an internal sanctuary and living with clarity

  • Topic Three

    Clearing Your Space is the topic for this week learning how to clear and release energy everyday, let go of what does not serve, protecting your energy, how to run your energy, work with the cosmic and earth energy to create healing and change within 

  • Topic Four

    Creating Your Desires by releasing the energetic limits on your ability to give to yourself and manifest that which you desire - learn to create mock-ups birthed from your truth, your heart's desires

  • Topic Five

    The Power of Destruction - Learn energetic tools to let go and release that which does not serve you to invite in higher vibrations and create the life you desire

  • Topic Six

    Learning how to ask the right questions is invalueable. This week, experience space to reflect on what you have learned and experience and tune into the questions that hold the most power to propel you forward in alignment with your truth

  • Topic Seven

    Amusement is A Vibration - Amusement is one of the highest energy vibrations bringing healing and fluidity to situations. Learn to stay grounded, clear and senior to situations that demand seriousness and panic

  • Topic Eight

    The Intuitive Life - Take a look at the growth and change you have created in the last three months and validate that change than looking at your life energetically start to create mockups for where you would like to live more intuitively 


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Your answers, your joy, your wisdom, your happiness all live within you. It is an intimate exploration and excavation to find the magic and create wellbeing.

You hold your answers; you ignite your enthusiasm and joy, you are your own magic maker.

It is simply bringing your awareness to these aspects of you and recognizing you have the ability to create your life the way you desire.

It is simply practicing viewing these elements in you, and all around you.

 It is simply having a new perspective, an energetic spiritual perspective, on everyday experiences that elevate your magic.


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